Publications Resume - Rosemary Clewes

2017   “Islands North and South” with Aeolus House.

2017   “The Woman Who Went To the Moon” with Inanna Publications.

2014   “Paper Wings” with Guernica Editions.

2013   “A Taste of Lemon” in the Anthology, Untying The Apron:
            Daughters Remember Mothers Of The 1950’s. Guernica Editions.

2013   “Ode to Naps” in the Ontario Poetry Society’s Verse Afire.

2012   “Once Houses Could Fly: Kayaking North of 79 Degrees.” Signature Editions.

2010   “Snow” won the favourite poem award in Verse Afire.” The Ontario Poetry Society.

2010   “Ellesmere Island” received a Judges Mention in The Saving Bannister:
            25th Anniversary Anthology. Canadian Authors Association, Niagara Branch.

2009   “Retreat” in Community Life. Volume 19, Issue Three.

2009   “Out of Sync” and “Clivia Loose on a “Maundy Thursday” in
            Frost & Foliage: A Canadian Anthology of Poetry.

2009   “For it is innocence—” from Thule Explorer: Kayaking North of 77 Degrees,
            Hidden Brook Press. Poem set to music as an art song.
            Composed by Peter Skoggard, Elora, Ontario.

2008   “Thule Explorer: Kayaking North of 77 Degrees.”Hidden Brook Press.

2007   “Lookout” in The Fiddlehead, Spring Issue.

2006   “Calle Obispo” in Descant 134: Cuba/Inside/Out.

2006   “Small” in The Literary Review Of Canada, November issue.

2006   “A Taste of Lemon” in The Dalhousie Review, Autumn issue.

2005   “The Longing”, “the night before I go to the high arctic”, “Ice” and “Walrus” in
            Talk That Mountain Down, 2005 from LITTLEFISHCARTPRESS.

2005   “Maps” in Queen’s Quarterly. Winter issue.

2005   “Thule Explorer” nominated by The Malahat Review for The National Magazine Awards.

2005   “Arctic Hare” in Arc Poetry Magazine. First honourable mention in the 10th annual
            Poem of the Year Contest.

2004   “Thule Explorer” − crown of sonnets in The Malahat Review. Fall Issue.

2004   “ Dawn Paddle On Lake Huron” in The Fiddlehead. Summer Issue, No. 220.

2004   “High Art In British Columbia”, “Swings” and “Listen To The View” in
            The Saving Bannister. Niagara Poetry Anthology,19th Edition.

2004   “Winter White” in Variety Crossing, 4th Edition.

2003   “The Kitchen Window” and “Measurement” in The Fiddlehead. Issue No. 217.

2003   “Just Enough” Third Prize. “My Father”, “Crosswind” and “Arctic Twilight” in
            The Saving Bannister. Niagara Poetry Anthology,18th Edition.

2001   “Maureen Forrester” in the Dalhousie Review. Spring Issue.

2001   “Subtraction”, “Threads”, “Yukon Journey” and “Sleep” in Pagitica Issue No. 4.